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Acquisition Criteria

RVEN is looking to acquire portfolios of tenant occupied single family houses, ("SFR") throughout the US in either all cash or UPREIT transactions to sellers. Our investment objective is yield therefore all SFR portfolios must be fixed, leased and occupied.

RVEN Underwriting Details

Portfolio Size Sought

25-500 rented homes per transaction.

Target Rental Yield

Class A Gross Rental Yield = 15% to 18%
Class B Gross Rental Yield = 18%+


50% or less (including property mgmt, maintenance, tax, insurance, vacancy, HOA, & credit loss)


Tenants must not be in default or late on rent payments.


All deferred maintenance must be fixed or will be deducted from the purchase price.


Reven will consider and prefers to hire existing property management company.